Clemens Food Group

The home was built in 1903 from a design created by Ashbury Buckley, a Chicago architect renowned for the many homes he designed for Mackinac Island, MI. The house was designed in a Colonial Reform style, including massive Greek Revival columns. Some might identify it as Neoclassic (Classical Revival) based on the columns and second level balcony. The home was built for $15,000 at that time. The Clarke family retained ownership of the home until 1938 when the children sold the property to an owner that converted it into a rooming house. It remained a multiple family dwelling until it was purchased in 1988 for renovation. Harold and Jane Schultz commenced restoration of the large home and opened it as a Bed & Breakfast in June, 1989. With Jane Schultz doing the decorating, it was anything but an average B & B by any standard. John and Nancy Krajny purchased the Victorian showplace in 2005 and operated it as a premiere B & B until 2015. The property was sold to the Clemens Food Group in 2016.  Past -Chicago Pike Inn & Spa