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Take a step back in time and admire the historic architecture of Coldwater.  The Branch County Historical Society has shared the fascinating history of the Coldwater area and the many old turn-of-the-twentieth century homes that still exist today. Of special note is the Wing House Museum, owned and operated by the Branch County Historical Society since 1974.

The Wing Museum is a unique example of the 19th century Second Empire architecture. The home was built by the Chandler family in 1875, then purchased by the Wing family in 1882. Learn the rich history of Coldwater and how families worked and thrived in the late 1800s. Open April through November on the 3rd Saturday of the month, 12PM – 4PM or by appointment.

There are many other noteworthy buildings that you will see by taking the Historic Walking tour, such as the Tibbits Opera House , the Masonic Temple and the original Passenger Train Depot.  Our tour map below gives both location and descriptions for each of the historic homes that are well worth seeing while visiting Coldwater.

Wing House Museum

Wing House Museum

Built by the Chandler family in 1875, this historic home is a beautiful example of 19th century Second Empire architecture.

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