Robert G. Chandler Home

This Queen Anne was built for Robert G. Chandler, at a cost of $6,000 and was designed by Asbury Buckley.

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Clemens Food Group

The home was built in 1903 from a design created by Ashbury Buckley, a Chicago architect renowned for the many homes he designed for Mackinac Island, MI. The house was designed in a Colonial Reform style, including massive Greek Revival columns.

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Thomas Dickinson Homes

162 & 176 Marshall St., Coldwater: These Italianate style homes were built in 1873 and 1876 for Thomas Dickinson and his son Charles. An addition was added to 162 Marshall Street doubling the size of the house.

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First Church of Christ-1920

Built in 1920, this church survives today and is located on the southeast corner of East Pearl and South Hudson Street.

First Church of Christ-19202022-11-29T22:33:07-05:00

A.T. Lanphere Home

This Italianate home was built in 1870 by Alvin T. Lanphere, who traded it in 1875 for the home of J. Franklin Pratt

A.T. Lanphere Home2022-11-30T14:59:46-05:00

Orsamus B. Clark House

This house was built in 1854, in fine Gothic tradition of stucco and wood ornamentation.

Orsamus B. Clark House2022-11-29T22:29:34-05:00

Elks Temple

According to some, an arsonist set the courthouse (c.1887) ablaze on the night of December 5, 1972. The building was a total loss; it was replaced in 1976.

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Original Passenger House

Coldwater’s original 1850’s train depot is the historical passenger house. On February 20, 1852 the Michigan Southern Railroad reached Chicago from Toledo via Adrian, Hillsdale, Coldwater and White Pigeon.

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John R. Champion Home

John R. Champion, a lawyer, built this brick Italianate in 1867. By 1871, he traded residences with George Starr.

John R. Champion Home2022-11-29T22:16:13-05:00

Frank L. Skeels Home

This mansion was built in 1886, for attorney Frank L. Skeels at a cost of $12,000. The architect was Ebenezer B. Saxton. This elaborate Queen Anne-style home features a cut stone foundation, 12-foot ceilings, seven fireplaces and cherry woodwork.

Frank L. Skeels Home2022-11-29T22:14:18-05:00

John Starr Home

This Queen Anne-style home was designed by Asbury W. Buckley and built at a cost of $9,000 in 1887.

John Starr Home2022-11-29T22:14:18-05:00

Philo Crippin House

The Philo Crippin House was owned by five generations of the family spanning 199 years.

Philo Crippin House2022-11-29T22:14:19-05:00

Henry C. Lewis House

Henry C. Lewis was a successful businessman and benefactor of Coldwater.

Henry C. Lewis House2022-11-29T22:14:19-05:00

B.C. Courthouse Bell Tower

According to some, an arsonist set the courthouse (c.1887) ablaze on the night of December 5, 1972.

B.C. Courthouse Bell Tower2022-11-29T22:14:19-05:00

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